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Proper Dosage is Crucial


PROPER DOSAGE for BladdAid and ProstAssist Formulas

Firstly, we must mention that no matter what dosage you are taking of either formula – for optimum results IT’S CRUCIAL that you take it together with a B-COMPLEX OF A MINIMUM OF 25MG. (We suggest using Zanta’s Multi since it has other important vitamins in it as well, but it’s not necessary to do so. Any good B-Complex with a minimum of 25mg [or higher, depending on your weight] is good enough.)


On the bottle label we only wrote the dose regarding those who are within a certain weight range, so as to be able to keep the serving per container at 30 daily servings, we did not write any weight that should use more than 6 capsules. Nevertheless, for those of a greater weight, here are the dosage suggestions that are not found on the bottle.

For the BladdAid and ProstAssist formulas, we wrote that those who weigh over 165 lbs. should start with 6 capsules per day.

However, if you are over 200 lbs., we recommend starting with 7 capsules a day and over 235 lbs start with 8 capsules a day.

On the bottle we also suggest lowering the dose under the following condition. At the point that you see that all your bladder issues / symptoms have gone away, at that point we suggest reducing your daily dosage by one capsule for a month’s time. If the issue(s) / symptoms return, then go back to the previous dose. If things are still under control after a month on the lower dosage, then you can reduce the dosage by another capsule and try that lower dose for another month. This can be continued until you are down to as low as one capsule, however, that’s a very low dosage and it’s very unlikely that your symptoms won’t come back at such a low dosage, but you never know. For a person with a lower weight, it’s possible.



From 180 lbs. and up we recommend using 3 capsules a day. Over 250 lbs. could use 4 capsules a day.

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